About Us


Rozey Days Montessori in Bristol is a small private nursery offering a child led and holistic approach to education in a Montessori based environment. Rozey Days was founded in 2011 when Rozey Din, as a first time mother, was unable to find childcare which met her child’s needs.

Having visited a number of nursery environments she was dismayed with the uniformity, adult led approach and lack of creativity that was offered. Whilst looking for an alternative she researched the Montessori method at length and started to study for her Diploma.

Rozey worked from home as a Montessori childminder whilst completing her studies and was amazed at the real difference that Montessori offered the children in her care. Armed with five years’ experience, her diploma and a desire to see her local community receive the benefits of Montessori, Rozey Days Montessori became a reality.

The Building

Our building both looks and operates as a home environment. This is entirely intentional and allows children to make themselves members of the Rozey Days community. We pride ourselves on our homely feel and the children take pride in the maintenance of their environment.

With a carefully selected layout and free flow throughout the building, children’s learning is self-directed. Our rooms are carefully prepared to stimulate a child’s independence and intellectual development. Our commitment is to continue to offer authentic Montessori education and high quality of care to the children and their families in our carefully prepared environment. Outside space is an integral part of our building and is used to complement our philosophy of freedom of movement.

Our Philosophy

Our goal at Rozey days is “To prepare children for everyday life”. We are passionate about creating a safe and nurturing space that allows children to direct their learning in a productive way.  We encourage children to develop their own sense of responsibility and nurture self-esteem and confidence through meaningful activities and interactions. Our fundamental values encourage; Independence, Freedom, Respect and Choice.