Why a Montessori Nursery in Fishponds, Bristol?

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“Children are human beings to whom respect is due, superior to us by reason of their innocence and of the greater possibilities of their future.”
Maria Montessori


I have come to realise that as a parent, once you go Montessori, there really is no going back!

One of the things that I love best about Bristol is that there is a passionate ,alternative parenting network.  Although I am not of the fan  of the word ‘alternative’ to describe Montessori, in comparison to the schooling method in this country, it sums it up. Montessori is so far removed from the current schooling system. As a parent and educator I am pleased that East Bristol will finally have a Montessori pre school available.


My son started at an amazing Montessori nursery over 3 years ago and having visited a number of other settings, this place really stood out. It was organised purely for the child and you could tell that the child’s need for independence was catered for. So we started sending our son there. The only snag being,it was a 5o minute round trip on a good day with no traffic. Crazy? Possibly, but like I said, once you go Montessori, nothing else will do! So yes our son attended and thrived in this amazing setting and it got me thinking. Why are there no Montessori settings on my side of town? Surely there are other parents who live in fishponds who would like a Montessori nursery.


So that’s exactly what I did! A dream, three years in the making and Rozey Days Montessori School Bristol was born. It has taken three years of effort, lots of patience and hard work by my husband and now accountant ( Thank you Asem). It really is a dream come true. We have had many ups and downs trying to find the right building. I am constantly reminding myself that dreams never come easy. If they did, everybody would be making them a reality.


Here we are three years later and the school is about to open. Nervous? Yes. Terrified? A little! Mainly though I am proud to be able to bring Montessori to my community. Fishponds and East Bristol deserve access to an education system which has quite frankly changed my perspective on child development.

If you are like me a parent, dismayed at the current schooling system, come and pay us a visit. Rozey Days Montessori School Bristol may just be the type of setting you are looking for. Once we are up and running, my next dream is to open a Montessori primary school.  However as my husband would quite rightly say “let’s not run before we can walk!” So for now I am pleased and proud to offer you all; Rozey Days Montessori School in Bristol.


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